Bocouture by Merz is an innovative botulinum toxin type A formulation that is intended for treating glabellar (frown) lines in between their eyebrows. Constant frowning is caused by muscular contraction which is very hard to control. The main role of Bocouture is to block the nerve impulses, which leads to muscle relaxation. The product is injected into a targeted muscle area in order to prevent it from a constant contraction. The treatment is safe for patients but it is temporary and patients are required to repeat procedures to maintain its longevity. It is a similar solution to products like Neuronox, Botox or Hutox.

Bocouture is an innovative botulinum type A, where the complexing proteins are purified from the botulinum toxin complex. Bocouture is the only commercially available product that contains the pure 150 kD neurotoxin, according to the studies. This means that Bocouture has the lowest level of protein of all of the botulinum toxins available on the market. Additionally, it also indicates that repeated Bocouture treatments do not lead to neutralizing anti-bodies formation.

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