Radiesse (1×3.0ml)


Radiesse is a cohesive, subdermal filler with a gel-like structure, specially designed to quickly and efficiently fill the wrinkles on the face area and to redefine the facial contour. It is sterile, latex-free, non-pyrogenic and semi-solid implant.

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Characteristics of Radiesse :
Radiesse by Merz has a formula, composed of calcium hydroxyllapatite, water, glycerine and sodium carboxymethylcellulose. The bouquet of active ingredients, combined in a useful functionality, ensures the timely and sufficient synthesis of collagen in the subcutaneous tissue. At the same time, the skin is protected, elastic and self-regenerated, restoring its youthful appearance and beauty. 

Box contents:
3.0cc. – synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite 

Uses of Radiesse:
– Reduces the fold in the area of ​​the mouth and the nose;
– Reduces the wrinkles, as a result of smiling;
– Reduces the fine lines and the wrinkles, over the upper lip;
– Removing the skin depressions and the acne scars;
– Correction of the chin and the nose shape;
– Redefining the facial contour in the lower jaw. 

Duration of the effect:
This dermal filler, offered by the German company Merz, is absorbed by the human body more slowly than other hyaluronic acid fillers. Thus, the effect is long – lasting, with positive results, visible for up to 18 months. 

Side effects:
Hypersensitivity, slight swelling, redness and pain may occur in the area of ​​injection. 


Do not use Radiesse if you are taking medication, especially antibiotics, as well as in case of infection, pregnancy or lactation. Consult your doctor.

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