Basic Science Natural Lightning Plus Modeling Mask 1kg


Natural Lightning Plus is a modeling mask from Histolab, used for whitening and achieving a firming effect on the skin, thanks to the Arbutin and Sodium Hyaluronate it contains.

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    They can improve the tone of all types of skin, via preventing the synthesis of melanin in the epidermis, via moisturizing. Additionally the modeling mask contains powerful anti-oxidants. The products is suitable people whose skin suffers from pigmentation problems.

    Histolab’s Natural Lighting Plus contains 20% of Algin – a substance produced from brown algae. It’s main property is the ability to absorb 200 to 300 hundred times it’s all mass in water. As a result, the facial mask can keep the skin moisturized, while also providing a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effect. The modeling mask is gentle on the users skin, a perfect cosmetic product for people that suffer from acne or easily irritable skin.


    1. Open the package and mix the necessary amount of the Natural Lightning Plus’ powder with purified water at a 1:1.5 ratio
    2. Before using the Histolab modeling mask – treat your facial skin with essence or an ampoule

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