The following Terms and Conditions will determine how we handle all sales of products and services that are available on our website The Terms and Conditions will apply in the instances when a customer procures a product or service from our website. For convenience purposes these Terms & Conditions use the wholly brand “Medisilk” to refer to Georock Desing SRL.

We advise that any customer read the following bounding terms and conditions before placing an order on our website.

Customer Information

The customer assumes the full responsibility for providing Medisilk with delivery details & VAT number, if applicable, and to ensure that the information is in fact genuine.

If a customer applies changes to their customer information, Medisilk may opt to re-verify the information within a 24-hour window and re-evaluate the customer account for approval.

Payment methods

The current accepted methods are checkout via bank transfer and direct credit /debit card checkout .

  • If you select a bank transfer, as a payment option, we will provide you with our bank account details. Orders are sent after the payment is successfully cleared. All fees involved in the transaction are the duty of the customer.
  • If you choose to pay using our direct card checkout option you can pay using a credit or debit card. Accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Borica.

Note no card information is visible to or stored by us. All the card information you submit during checkout phase is safely transmitted to the checkout service and not visible by us or any third parties.

Refund policy

We will help you with the refund by issuing it back to the original credit/debit card used to place the order in the first place, sending a refund to your bank account or PayPal account, depending on the chosen method of payment. Shipping costs, however, cannot be refunded.

All refunds are issued only after the item has been returned to us, with the exception of order cancellations prior to shipping out the item(s). We retain the right to change the amount of the refund, if the item has been deemed damaged or made unusable as a result of the clients actions/mishandling.

Refunds will be issued within a week after an item has been returned to us or the order has been cancelled by the client or us, without any item being shipped.

Refunds may take up to 29 working days to appear on your bank account, PayPal or card statement, because of the processing times of different payment providers. If you want to speed up the process, do make sure to contact your bank or PayPal, depending on the payment option you’ve initially chosen.

Prices and associated payments

EU customers that are VAT registered and provide a valid VAT number, do not need to pay VAT tax for the products they purchase on the website. EU companies and entities that are not VAT exempt, as well as individuals, must contact us additionally to determine if VAT will be applied to final value of the order, otherwise VAT will be automatically added to the final price. Customers from outside the EU will not pay any VAT, but need to check if any local taxes and import duties are owed, as such are due by the customer and it is their responsibility to be informed about them.

In order to boost the experience and cost-efficiency of the delivery, we device a personalized delivery route with the help of courier service. All prices are displayed in EURO by default for clients from the EU and EURO is the base price currency. Prices for clients outside of the EU are displayed in USD, as per the daily exchange rate. Prices for clients from the UK are displayed in GBP as per the daily exchange rate. The prices are available at

We accept payment via credit card and from the following carriers: VISA, MasterCard & Maestro. Bank transfers are also accepted, but the transfer must be finalized before the items are sent. Please note that an additional fees and/or conversion rates will be added to the invoice.

Rest assured that we handle all your credit card information with the utmost care and confidentiality. We never store your information. Our payment services make sure that we never actually see the credit card information ourselves. We have decided to follow this way of handling payments to ensure a better level of security for you – the customer.

Bear in mind that you are subject to validation checks. Medisilk may delay any order should fraud be suspected.

We take precautions for printing errors, price increases and sold-out items on the website and in any active promotion we may be running.

Shipping & Delivery

The shipping and delivery terms are as outlaid in our Shipping & Delivery page. By accepting Terms & Conditions you are also accepting the Shipping & Delivery terms.

Cancellation of an Order

Our cancellation policy allows the customer to cancel an order if the product demanded has not been dispatched within 6 working days. At this point, Medisilk notifies the customer and you have an opportunity to cancel your order.

Return Policy

Please refer to our Return Policy page for detailed information for the terms for returning an item to us. By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you are also accepting the terms of our Return Policy page.


Medislik is an international wholesaler and we are not obliged to be familiar with local legislation in the sense that we don’t assume any liability for compliance with legislation in the country where you are based. It’s your responsibility, i.e. the customer’s, to ensure that the purchase and order thereof actually meet the requirements of the jurisdiction, including language prerequisites, product registration, patient information leaflets, labeling or presentation of the product in general, plus any associated demands that local authorities may expect.

All marketing permissions need to be obtained by the customer themselves. Any regulatory registrations are again up to the customer to satisfy and fulfill.

Obligations to inform and product recalls

If an adverse event damaging the order occurs and the customer is aware of the said event, then the customer must act within 48 hours and forward that information to Medisilk.

We determine an “adverse event” by the following criteria:

  1. Any malfunction, failure, defect or deterioration in either the characteristics of the product or its performance. An adverse event is also mislabeling of the product or instructions. Any event that leads to a life-threatening situation about a patient or even discomfort resulting from an oversight.
  2. Any technical or medical reason in relation to a product which may trigger a systematic recall of products of the same type by the customer

The customer is bound to inform Medisilk within 3 days from the moment of receiving the product or products about any such complaints. All complaints must come with a detailed explanation of the problem as well as any actions undertaken by the customer as a result of identifying the problem.

Medisilk will help customers with recalls if such an event is needed, with the customer receiving instructions on how to assist in returning all affected goods.

Medisilk retains the right to determine the recall measures on recall-by-recall basis after having carefully examined the particular case. However, Medisilk will never assume a course of action that is in violation of the law applicable to the customer.

Medisilk reminds the customer that you are responsible for providing any documentation in relation with seizing notices from public agencies and recall notices sent to the customer by any potential subsequent customers. Costs for production recalls fall on the customer.

Limitation of Liability

Medisilk will not be forced to pay damages for any indirect losses that are the result of damage suffered by the customer or a third party. Loss of business opportunities, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, loss of interest and so on all constitute “damages”. Medisilk does not see these as events that necessitate a compensation and customers must be warned.

Medisilk may bear liability no greater than the total cost of the purchase paid by the customer. With this specific condition established, we will seek to pay an amount no greater than the amount of the order itself, regardless of what the liability at hand is, including acts of negligence (ordinary or gross), strict liability, product liability and so forth.


We want to keep our customers happy and satisfied, but we also acknowledge the need for feedback. For any complaints or feedback, you may contact us at [email protected] or +1 (201) 366-6420.

Choice of law

The terms and conditions compiled in this document are subject to the laws of Romania and the EU, except for rules of choice of law and CISG.


Medisilk couldn’t promise surefire that all the content available on the webshop is free of inaccuracies or typographical errors at all times. Neither can we guarantee that it’s constantly up-to-date. We retain our right to amend the content of the webshop so as to better reflect its current state.

Medisilk will constantly try to improve upon the listed content so that the customers may benefit from accurate texts and images. Even then, some errors may occur.

Medisilk reminds you that the company will cancel any order that has turned out to be accompanied by erroneous and untruthful information.

We remind you that Medisilk disclaims responsibility for non-delivery resulting from sold-out goods or any force majeure, including delivery failure due to an oversight on the part of our suppliers.

Intellectual property

This website utilizes freely distributed images, fonts and media resources. We try our best to protect others people intellectual property in a manner that is legal and acceptable by them. If you feel that your work has been improperly used or attributed on this website – please contact us at: [email protected].

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