[cq_vc_testimoniallist images=”3820,3817,3818,3819,3821,3816″ username=”Susan Stone,Joe Morgan,Gabbie Peters,Beatrice Moore,Michael Tierney ,Allison McGowan” textblockbg=”grass” delaytime=”3″ elementshape=”roundsmall”][testimonialitem]“I got a Medisilk gift certificate for my BDay and I’ve been ordering various products from this site ever since – from food supplements to beauty serums. They deliver them to my door. No VAT, no extra charges for products that make me feel and look good.”[/testimonialitem][testimonialitem]“I prefer getting my skincare from Medisilk rather than from a physical store. It saves me time, money and… the weird looks I get as a guy who simply wishes to buy some bubble cleanser. I highly recommend it because the products are of a professional quality.”[/testimonialitem][testimonialitem]“Although I’m not a big fan of online shopping, I started buying makeup and face masks from Medisilk because they offer trusted products from all over the world and, personally, I find that quite convenient. I’m loving the discounts they roll out every now and then.”[/testimonialitem][testimonialitem]“So many products to choose from! I love the big selection beauty items on Medisilk’s website. Already made my first order and it arrived faster than I expected. The store also offers useful info on everything it sells which helps me pick the right product for me.”[/testimonialitem][testimonialitem]“I work as a dentists and I buy a lot of the dental products I use via Medisilk’s web store because they offer them at a lower price. I like that they pack the items well before sending them off. Keeps them in a good condition.”[/testimonialitem][testimonialitem]“I run a beauty clinic and we order all of the dermal fillers we need from Medisilk. The products are original and are always delivered quickly. So far, I have not experienced any problems when shopping from this online store. Prices are also excellent and fair!”[/testimonialitem][/cq_vc_testimoniallist]
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