Below is the information regarding the shipping and delivery terms of your purchased items. Please be sure to also read the Terms & Conditions and Return Policy pages for further information relevant to the shipping and delivery it items. By accepting the Terms & Conditions of our website you are also agreeing to the Shipping & Delivery terms of this page.

Delivery time

Customers may place an order 24 hours a day at our e-store. We process the order thereafter based on the internal scheduling of business and usually within 24 to 48 hours from the date of receipt. It is possible an items is marked “In stock” but requires a backorder. In such case, normally 3-4 days need to pass, once the payment is processed, until the item is sent.

As soon as an order has been placed, the customer will receive an e-mail overview, which however does not constitute an order confirmation and we are not bound by the customer’s purchase order at the time of the overview.

The binding agreement is established as soon as you, the customer, receive an e-mail with the shipment notification, invoice, and packaging slip issued by Medisilk. Mind, when you, the customer, place a purchase order in the webshop, this order is binding for you, i.e. the customer.

Please note that all orders are a subject to availability based on the current stock and Medisilk may need to cancel the order on the off-chance supply shortage makes it impossible to deliver. Naturally, the client will be reimbursed.

Delivery and delay

All products that are in stock will be shipped in 24 hours after the payment is received, excluding weekends and official holidays. Products that are not readily available may take between 3 and 6 days before shipment.

If the delays are greater than 6 days, Medisilk will notify the customer. The customer will then have the option to cancel the order within 24 hours for any product that has failed to be shipped timely.

Orders are shipped via courier or postal services. We work with DHL, Fedex, Speedy and other courier companies, depending on the destination and current workload of the specific courier company.

Delivery via courier is normally 2-3 work days for EU countries, 3-4 work days for non-EU European countries and 3-6 work days worldwide. Delays are possible.

Postal delivery normally takes 4-7 work days for EU countries and 10-14 work days worldwide (up to 3-4 weeks for some destinations). Delays are possible.

All quoted delivery time-frames are ONLY ESTIMATES based on standard delivery time via the specific service. We do not take responsibility of any delays. Communicating about delays with the respective courier or mail service is the responsibility of the customer. No less than 50 business days must pass before a claim is issued to the posts. Up until that point the package is considered to be “on time”. In certain cases courier delivery can take up to two weeks. We are not responsible for such delays and any package delivered in that period is considered to be “on time”. Any delay which is the results of additional processing by the posts/courier company or due to customs will not be counted towards the shipping estimation and is not the responsibility of the merchant. You are required to contact us first about any delayed package, prior to undertaking any additional actions.

Medisilk will not be responsible for any errors in providing shipping information made on the part of the customer. Bear in mind that when you, the customer, fail to provide correct information, your delivery may be delayed by an unspecified amount of time.

Import duty & tax

All prices displayed exclude any domestic taxes and duties. As soon as your order arrives at the specified destination, you may be required by your local authorities to pay for the import duties, customs and local sales taxes that are levied y your country. This may be necessary to release your order from customs. We remind you that you may be legally recognized as “the importer” in this context by your local authorities.

As this is your responsibility, we recommend that you contact your local tax authorities to determine the cost price prior to purchase completion.

You will also be tasked with knowing the rules and regulations in the country. If a package is stopped at the border, you may try to release it to you or have it resent to us. If we receive the package back we will offer you to either resend it or reimburse you for its value.

EU customers will are not subject to paying import duties. VAT application is described in the “Prices and associated payments” section of the Terms & Conditions page.

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