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BioAmica Lactase Enzyme Drops is a specially created peroral solution for babies, which contains Lacase, extracted from the Aspergillus Oryzae fungus, active in acidic pH (such as the stomach of the newborn). Lactase is a natural for the human body enzyme, which helps the processing of lactose contained in milk products.

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During the first months after the birth, the baby is primarily fed with milk products and as a result the lactase in the body can be in insufficient to dissolve the lactose. A possible result is a temporary lactose deficit.

Acidic lactase in BioAmica soothes the colic and stomach tension, helps digestion and the sustainment of normal intestinal peristalsis.

BioAmica’s acidic lactase starts taking effect immediately after ingestion. The BioAmica drops can be ingested directly through the mouth or be added to the baby formula.

What is BioAmica for:

The main ingredient in the BioAmica is the naturally occurring in the human body enzyme called lactase. It is formed inside the small intestines and helps with dissolving of lactose – a complex carbohydrate, contained in milk products. In the early months of his life, a newborn is fed almost exclusively with milk products. The temporary deficit in suckling children can lead to a discomfort (gas) and tension in the stomach area. This is a direct result of the leftover, non-digested lactose, which results in colic. The lactase contained in the BioAmic drops for children helps the body to digest these leftover complex carbohydrates, improves the digestion process and eases the normal peristaltic.

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