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Bonetta Filler Volume is a dermal filler that restores lost volume in the skin. The Hyaluronic Acid in it is cross-linked so that it can provide long-lasting anti-aging results. Also, the product can correct the shape of the face and improve its contour. Best of all, the treatment is pain-free and the recovery is almost instant — just like the results of the therapy.

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Bonetta Filler Volume — Uses, Side Effects and Duration

Most plastic surgeons prefer to apply this HA filler during facial augmentation treatments. After all, the product has the power to add volume under the skin. Plus, it is easy to sculpt and that ensures stable results. Here are the most popular uses of Bonetta Filler Volume:

  • Lip contouring and plumping
  • Cheekbone and chin enhancement
  • Reshaping of the nose
  • Reduction of severe wrinkles
  • Jawline sculpting

Usually, the effects of the dermal filler can be seen for months after the treatment. In most cases, patients enjoy their youthful look for over a year. Still, they can retain the results if they have a touch-up procedure later.

Also, the product is safe and side effects are rare. However, some people may suffer from the following adverse reactions:

  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness

The symptoms tend to go away after two days at the most. In case they don’t, patients must contact their doctor to avoid risks.

A Painless Facial Sculpting Treatment

Even though filler injections are minimally-invasive procedures, they involve a small amount of pain. Luckily, Bonetta Filler Volume will offer patients a painless treatment since it features 3mg/mL of local anesthetic. According to some studies, lower pain during such anti-aging therapies reduces the risk of bruising later.

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