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Dermaren Lumi Eyes is a skin rejuvenating injection that contains PDRN and Glutathione. As a result, a treatment with it helps make the skin around the eyes appear more youthful and refreshed. Also, it encourages the regeneration of skin cells. Its effects last for several months and can easily be prolonged with a touch-up injection. What’s best about this type of treatment is that it can easily be combined with HA-based anti-aging injections.

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Dermaren Lumi Eyes — A PDRN-based, skin biorivitalizing injection

This anti-aging product regenerates soft tissues through the natural properties of PDRN (Polynucleotide) and Glutathione. So, it can improve the condition and appearance of damaged and aging skin. What’s more, the positive effects of the injection will give the patient’s skin a boost on many different levels that include:

  • Hydration and hydro balance
  • Structure
  • Dermal health
  • Cell restoration

For the full effects of the treatment to become visible, qualified cosmetic surgeons need to carry out four treatment sessions. The waiting period between each session must be 10 days. After then treatment is completed and the patient will enjoy a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance for several months. The longevity of the achieved results vary based on skin condition and type and age of the patient. Still, maintenance sessions can be done every half a year.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Dermaren Lumi Eyes is a safe skin rejuvenating injection. Its main ingredient is PDRN which is extracted from salmon. However, there is no risk of adverse reactions since the organism of salmon similar to that of humans in several ways. Plus, the ingredient has gone through a process of purification.

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