Elite Portable 308nm Excimer UV-light System


Elite Portable is a compact 308nm Excimer UV-light System which can be utilized by medical and beauty professionals to help patients with a variety of skin problems. The system has a XeCl as the source of its light emission. The cosmetic machine is used to induce the so called “programmed death” or apoptosis of T-cells which bettering the synthesis of pigment.

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In practice, this machine allows for highly effective treatment of serious skin conditions like Vitiligo, Psoriasis and many types of dermatitis. Unlike more traditional methods, Excimer UV-light treatment of such skin problems is quite fast. The adverse reactions when using the Elite Portable cosmetic machine are less, while the skin treatment procedure is notable shorter.

When operating the Elite system with UV-light, the medical professional has the advantage of being able to target specific problematic areas, i.e. lesions, while having the ability to cover extensive patches of skin. Exposure to the UV-light is minimal and there will be no damage to healthy skin tissue, thus irradiation is kept to a minimum.

At the same time, results will be visible in a short period – in just a few weeks, with the possibility of complete symptom recovery withing a few months. There is, in practice, no down time and the skin treatment procedure with the Elite 308nm Excimer system is comfortable and pain free.

When compared to excimer laser cosmetic machines, the Elite benefits from a smaller size and higher level of energy efficiency and overall lower maintenance and operational costs.

Work principle

Light from the Elite Portable system is emitted when a Xe atom forms an unstable bond with a Chlorine atom. This can be achieved when they’re put under the influence of an electrical field. As a result, an electron is passed from the Xenon to the Cl atom, activating them and allowing for a single-rate excimer light to be emitted.

Additional information

Weight35 kg
Light source

XeCl Excimer light



Energy density

50 – 4500mj/cm2

Limit power density


Spot size

25.62cm2 (4.2cm x 6.1cm)

High-energy spotlight

Spotlight lampshade: 0.8cm2 (Ф10)

Single irradiation time



10.4 inch touch screen


496mm x 470mm x 325mm

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