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Why bother picking between calcium- and HA-based dermal fillers when you can have both? Designed, produced and patented by GANA R&D, GANA CH is made up of purified Hyaluronic Acid and premium-quality calcium hydroxyapatite. That enable it to instantly correct volume loss in the face and to reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles for 2-3 years. With Medisilk, you can get this revolutionary skin rejuvenation product with time-efficient international shipping.

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Advantages offered by GAHA CH

GANA CH has two times more upsides compared to HA or calcium-rich skin fillers. By mixing these two anti-aging ingredients, GANA R&D has managed to combine the advantages they offer. As a consequence of that innovative move, this improved filler injection:

  • Does not cause swelling since it doesn’t contain carboxymethyl cellulose
  • Comes with zero risk of gel migration – prevented by the newly-formed collagen
  • Offers no discomfort and pain during the treatment – a lidocaine-infused product
  • Delivers hard-to-match effects longevity of a minimum of 2 years – thanks to the calcium hydroxyapatite in it

This is a top-tier skin rejuvenating and volumizing product that is manufactured in full accordance with international health, environmental, safety and quality standards. Therefore, it offers excellent quality. We, at Medisilk, distribute it sealed in its original box to ensure that it works as intended by its manufacturer.

Natural-looking volume loss restoration in minutes

Unlike many other popular soft-tissue fillers available for purchase today, the application of GANA CH will not lead to overfilling. That is because it does not merely restore lost facial volume by filling the skin under the treatment sites. Instead, it achieves even and balanced results by deeply hydrating the dermis through Hyaluronic Acid and by boosting its collagen production rate through calcium hydroxyapatite. This product is to be applied to facial areas like the forehead, nose, and chin.

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