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Distributed by Medisilk, GANA PN is the fourth PDRN-based cosmetic product by world-renown company GANA R&D but it is unique for the fact that it is a revolutionary mesotherapy solution that is designed to also act as a high-class skin filler. This means that qualified clinicians can rely on it to provide their patients with temporary line correction and facial augmentation combined with a comprehensive skin regeneration that soothes irritations and repair damaged skin cells.

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  • Main ingredients: Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN), Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Glutathione and Lidocaine
  • Volume: 2.5ml x 2 syringes
  • Needle size: 30G
  • Injection depth: dermis layer

An innovative PDRN product for all-around mesotherapy

GANA PH is an effective mesotherapy injectable that helps for the fast regeneration and renewal of skin that is aging, tired or withered. It contains top-quality PDRN that stimulates the repair of damaged skin cells. Combined with HA and Glutathione, this key ingredient also has:

  • Rejuvenating effects – corrects wrinkles; non-surgical facial lifting; boosts skin hydration and elasticity
  • Skin regenerating properties – repairs damaged cells
  • Anti-pigmentation powers – brightens and evens the tone of the skin
  • Filling and remodeling abilities – minimally invasive facial augmentation

GANA PH – application instructions

This top-rated product comes in a package containing two prefilled 2.5ml syringes which means that it is ready to use. Trained clinicians need to clean the target sites before injecting the product under the skin. The injection must be done in the dermis layer with the provided 30G needles or with a mesogun. In the case of bleeding, compression needs to be applied over the target points for about a minute. A standard treatment with GANA PH requires 2-3 sessions performed at monthly intervals. Most patients notice a positive change in the appearance and condition of their skin after the second treatment session.

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