GINO FACE (45g/1.52oz)


Treating acne is never easy unless you rely on a top-tier spicule cream such as GANA R&D’s GINO FACE. The reason why you will find this incredible solution on Medisilk’s catalog is that it not only safely eliminates acne from the face and the germs and bacteria that cause it but it also manages to suppress excessive oil production and prevent recurring acne breakouts. How? With the help of the special freshwater sponge Spongilla.

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  • Package size: 45gram (1.52oz)
  • Key active ingredients: Freshwater Poriferan spicules, Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Arbutin and Niacin
  • Application zone: face
  • Main use: treatment of acne, papules, pimples, excessive sebum production

GINO FACE – a natural solution for effective acne treatment

This one-of-a-kind spicule peeling cream is applied topically on the skin of the face but the spicules of the freshwater sponges found in it penetrate painlessly into the dermis to deliver an in-depth and longer-lasting acne treatment results. There, it encourages the regeneration of new skin cells and it battles acne inflammations. The product significantly improves skin’s local immunity and protects it from future cosmetic problems.

An excellent match for all types of skin

Because GINO FACE is a patient-friendly peeling solution that is almost entirely based on substances of a natural origin or such that can be naturally found in the human body, it has a rather harmless character. There are no reports of it saying that its cosmeceutical use has ever triggered unwanted side effects. That makes the innovative acne treatment with it 100% safe and free of pain or downtime. The only discomfort that patients may experience after using it is a tingling sensation in the skin of the face. That is a perfectly normal reaction to the spicules’ skin penetration process and it subsides not long after the product’s application.

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