Glowing Fill Full (1 x 1ml)


Severe wrinkles and folds have a new mortal enemy and its name is Glowing Fill Full. Medisilk is happy to present you this reliable anti-wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid filler which fills and removes even severe nasolabial folds. Because of the incredible molding and lifting properties of its gel, this product can also offer low-risk facial contouring that can include anything from enhancement of chin and cheeks to the reshaping of the nose.

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An innovative facial contouring solution

This is the world’s first and only effective facial contouring filler injection that is characterized by a multi-layered phasic structure. It is made of two distinct layers – one that is based on HA particles and another which is made of gel. This unique combo is achieved through a patented production method called R-Square Technology and because of it, Glowing Fill Full delivers natural and durable results. Some of the main indications of Growing Tree’s one-of-a-kind skin filler include:

  • Swift enhancement of cheeks and cheekbones
  • Pain-free augmentation of chin
  • Temporary correction of severe facial folds
  • Inexpensive reshaping of the nasal bridge

Board-certified plastic surgeons will also appreciate the unique properties of this world-class cosmetic rejuvenation product because it will enable them to have greater control during treatment. This is due to the improved viscoelasticity of this remarkable filler gel implant and the reduced resistance which it has.

How safe is this dermal filler?

Glowing Fill Full is a product that is part of the dependable Glowing Tree brand which is being manufactured by renowned company CG Bio that is known for its research in the field of biomaterials such as Hyaluronic Acid. The amount of BDDE in its composition is practically undetectable which means that there is no risk of severe or long-term side effects.

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