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A high quality dermal filler, HyaFilia Grand is a powerful tool in fighting the signs of age. Effective and lasting treatment of deep skin wrinkles.

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HyaFilia Grand is part of a luxury line of dermal fillers, popular among celebrities and other people with significant public exposure. This Hyafilia filler provides patients with long lasting and easy to predict and control effects, making it ideal to both treat deep skin wrinkles and mold the facial features of the client.

Fact sheet

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid (20mg/ml)
  • Average grain size – 1.100μm
  • Filling deep wrinkles
  • Injection Area – Deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue
  • Packaging Units – HyaFilia Grand 1.0: 1 ml (25G, 27G)
  • Storage Conditions – To be stored at room temperature (1-30℃) away from direct sunlight
  • Shelf life – 36 months
  • Outstanding reviews – one of the most acclaimed sculpting fillers

This product is ideal for dermatologists and beauty specialists looking for a filler thicker than the Hyafilia Classic, to effectively augment the facial features of the patients in areas such as the chin, nose and jawline.

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