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Liporase is a Hyaluronidase-based solution that is injected into the skin to dissolve HA-based soft-tissue fillers or to increase the effectiveness of fat-resolving injections. Produced by Daehan New Pharm this product offers high patient satisfaction. It can also be applied in emergency cases when a dermal filler was accidentally injected into an artery or with the purpose to simply restore the patient’s natural appearance.

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    How effective is Liporase Hyaluronidase?

    This product can reverse the effects of Hyaluronic Acid fillers and boost those of fat-melting serums. Both of these applications of Liporase lead to almost immediate results because this enzyme starts to work the moment it is injected in the target area regardless if the latter is a fat deposit or a layer of the skin. However, with some HA filler injections, the effects may become visible 24-48 hours after it has been administered when the HA gel concentration or the cross-linking ratio is higher than the average.

    How to apply it?

    1. Mix 1 vial with saline water (3cc to breakdown HA or 5cc to use it with a fat-melting injection)
    2. Administer local anesthetics to reduce discomfort during treatment
    3. Inject the solution into or around the target site
    4. Gently massage the treated area for a few minutes
    5. Schedule a follow-up appointment 2-3 weeks after the injection for a review

    Important safety information

    Patients who are not suitable candidates for treatment with Liporase Hyaluronidase are those who are:

    • Allergic to Hyaluronidase or Hyaluronate
    • Suffering from inflammation affecting the injection site
    • Battling a local infection

    This HA reverse agent is not to be injected into the veins or used topically.

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