Oltremateria Idrahyal Serum

Oltremateria Idrahyal Serum is a cutting edge, nano-tech beauty solution, made using high quality Hyaluronic acid, that comes in a non-oil form. Its main purpose it to fully hydrate the skin of the patient, restoring its youthful look, smoothness and elasticity. Recommended for people with dry skin, as well as usage after a peeling procedure (which is known to severely dry the skin). Home care product.

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This is a moisturizing serum, helping to prevent the premature aging of the skin on the face, dealing with skin dehydration and photoaging (especially from the sun). With the help of the Hyaluronic acid, skin smoothness and elasticity will  be recovered fast.

Idrahyal Serum from the Oltremateria of Marllor is a  product which brings the future to cosmetics. Made using advanced nanotechnology and made in unilamellar liposome. Top quality beauty product made in the best traditions of Italian cosmetics, this serum is safe for usage and has been extensively dermatologically tested. Completely preservative free.


  • For post peeling usage on clean and dry skin; a few drops from the hyaluronic serum will suffice
  • Gently rub in around the eyes
  • Apply the serum two or three times a day for seven days
  • When moisture levels are normal, switch to single usage in the morning
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