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Looking for a high-quality volumizing dermal filler that guarantees an impressive results longevity, easy handling, and exceptional facial sculpting solutions? If yes, Pluryal Volume is what you need. Its effects and properties are clinically-proven and its monophasic cross-linked hyaluronic acid makes it more resilient to degradation, allowing it to provide results that remain visible for 12-16 months.

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    What is Pluryal Volume for?

    Manufactured by MD Skin Solutions, it falls into the category of volumizing skin fillers which aim at reshaping, and remodeling different facial features and structures. This revolutionary cosmetic product is particularly suitable for:

    • Nose remodeling
    • Chin reshaping
    • Lips augmentation
    • Cheeks enhancement
    • Mandibular correction
    • Improving hand dorsum

    It can be injected into the deep dermis of the face or in the back of the hands. Pluryal Volume is a well-purified product which contains 23mg/ml of non-animal hyaluronic acid. That is why it is safe to use and the risk of the body rejecting it is equal to zero.

    The advantages of this trusted HA filler

    • Highly elastic structure – Ensures an ease of injection and natural-looking results
    • Monophasic cross-linked HA composition – Enhances the longevity of the results and limits gel migration
    • Isotonic and non-animal-based – Reduces the risk of side effects, irritations, and allergies
    • Purified hyaluronic acid – Suitable for young and mature skin

    Pluryal Volume offers high product tolerance. Still, it should not be used on patients who are using anticoagulants or those who suffer from an inflammation or infection around the targeted injection points. Professional HA fillers should also be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Other than that, this is an incredibly risk-free and health-friendly cosmetic rejuvenation product that can be used for the treatment of different skin types.

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