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The best way to conquer early signs of aging such as crow’s feet and worry lines is by using Rejeunesse Fine as your main anti-aging weapon. As a top-notch soft-tissue filler that is based on a High Concentration of Cross-Linking technology, it finds a place among the most effective fine-to-medium line removal solutions available on the market. Its animal-free hyaluronic acid composition guarantees instant results and a safe treatment.

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    Rejeunesse Fine offers high patient satisfaction

    A cosmetic rejuvenation treatment with this quality dermal filler involves zero pain. There are 0.3% of lidocaine in Rejeunesse Fine which means that medical practitioners do not even need to use a local anesthetic or a numbing cream when they apply this product. Another reason why patients love this solution is because it incredibly safe. It does not contain animal-based components – only highly purified hyaluronic acid raw materials. It is both sterile and pyrogen-free. Because of all that, no skin tests are required prior to treatment and side effects are extremely rare.

    Long-lasting correction of superficial facial wrinkles

    This world-class injectable filler has the power to remove shallow lines and wrinkles for up to a year. It is particularly effective at correcting:

    • Perioral lines
    • Crow’s feet and periorbital lines in general
    • Worry lines

    The hyaluronic acid in Rejeunesse Fines not only takes a lot of time to biodegrade but it was also developed in such a way that it does not migrate. The gel will stay exactly where it should be and it will not move into the soft tissues surrounding the injection sites.

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