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Fight early signs of aging with Rejeunesse Sparkle

The very first signs of aging usually start appearing as early as our mid-20s and they include the formation of thin, fine lines around the mouth, the eyes and on the forehead. Since these dermal creases are initially very shallow, they are often overlooked but eventually, they become deeper and give the face a tired and drooping look. Rejeunesse Sparkle was created as a fast solution that aims to correct these imperfections and to quickly refresh, rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

A treatment with this quality HA filler takes only 20-30 minutes on the average and the injection depth is not deep (the superficial dermis). That is why, the injection process is not painful, especially given the fact that Rejeunesse Sparkle contains a small amount of lidocaine that further decreases any unpleasant sensations during the treatment procedure. In addition to that, this top-tier cosmetic rejuvenation product has a monophasic structure which ensures an incredible ease of injection.

Recommended uses

  • Correction of perioral lines
  • Removal of periorbital lines
  • Filling of worry lines

What makes this product different from the rest?

BDDE usage in Rejeunesse Sparkle is quite limited which is why it comes with fewer side effects compared to its competitors. Since this product was manufactured through a non-animal biofermentation method, there is no risk of the body rejecting the filler implant. As for its durability – it ranges from 6-8 months.

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