Seraza Gel for Pain-Relief


A highly efficient gel against pain, strain, traumas and muscle contractions. Pain is relieved quickly after applying Seraza gel, as it penetrates the lower dermal layers and a cool feeling replaces it over the treated area. The product is clear and no colorants are used, so no visible traces are left, nor any grease or smell. The pain relief gel is made almost entirely from natural products (98.58%), which makes it safe. There are no preservatives, silicones or parabens.

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Active ingredients:

    • Arnica Mantana – very effective for strain and pain, it provides an immediate cooling effect to the treated area; relaxes muscles and improves the blood circulation;
    • Yellow communica – contains coumarin, melilotin edicumarin; coumarin provides protective action against vascular endothelium, seal capillaries, improve rheological properties of the blood (improve the ability of blood to circulate by increasing the redness of the erythrocytes) and have antithrombotic action
    • St. John’s wort – is extremely effective in cases of sports related trauma and injuries including, but not limited to, cuts, bleeding injuries, muscle strain, sprained ankles ; additionally contains high level of anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and rutin, which protects against inflammation
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