Vita Body (5x5ml vials)


Vita Body is a slimming solution that helps the fat burning processes in the body. A special formula, containing fat extracting and firming ingredients that deals with cellulite and “orange skin”.

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    This mesotherapy solution offered by the French aesthetic products leader – Vital Esthetique – breaks down the fat deposits stored in your body by stimulating the lipolysis process. Increasing the fat burning processes in the body also means improved appearance of the so – called “orange skin” and areas, affected by edematous cellulite.

    Content of the box:

    5x5ml vials Vita Body solution

    Active ingredients:

    Caffeine, Artichoke extract, Equisetum (Horsetail) extract and Phosphatidylcholine & Deoxycholate.

    Indications for using Vita Body:

    • Appearance of edematous cellulite and “orange skin”
    • Loosening of the skin
    • Retention of water
    • Presence of areas with fat deposits

    Benefits from using Vita Body Mesotherapy:

    • Fat burning stimulation under the skin
    • Firmer, more elastic skin
    • Breaking down fat deposits
    • Skin detoxification and initiated lymph drainage
    • Reduction of edematous cellulite and the orange peel effect

    This body mesotherapy solution by Vital Esthetique can be used to target arms, abdomen. knees, thighs, hips and buttocks. Depending on the specific area chosen for the treatment, your medical specialist will advise regarding the dosage of Vita Body needed for you.


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