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Alidya Anti LipoDystrophic Agents is the next step in fighting cellulite. An injection with powerful effect, this is an exclusively medical product, specially purposed to professional administering in mesotherapy. The main purpose of the injection is to help remove or to prevent the appearance of cellulite and to address the so-called orange-peel skin.

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Cellute appears when body fat is displaced, shifted toward connective tissues, resulting in the appearance of cellulite. This causes the skin that covers that particular areas to appear like the peel of an orange. It is by no means a dangerous condition or one that should be ca cause for worry, but some people find it aesthetically displeasing and want it have it treated.

The condition is by far more prevalent in women than men and while there is a definite weight-cellulite relation, lean people have also been known to be affected. IT has bee hypothesized that a poor circulation might be the cause for local fat deposit formations, as a result of increased toxicity.

The solution is to have the levels of toxins reduced and have local tissues receive more oxygen. This is where Marllor’s Alidya anti-cellulite injection comes into play. This is an effective mesotherapy product, which can be injected either in the dermal or the  subcutaneous layer.

Restoring the natural look of the treated area requires undergoing several procedures (7-12 times once a week). How long the treatment should last, depends, for the most part, on how affected by cellulite the area is. Long term, effects from the Alidya Anti LipoDystrophic Agents are not just the immediate cellulite removal, but the prevention of formation of new fat deposits. Yearly treatment sessions are advisable as part of the prevention process.

Application includes a variety of body parts like the bottom, the knees and arms, as well as the thighs (which are the most common pace for cellulite formation).

The injection is a result of years of work from the renowned Prof. Pasquale Motolese is a cosmetic product specifically created to treat gynoid lipodystrophy, more commonly known as cellite, but also appropriate for usage after a liposuction, intralipotherapy, lipoedema and other cases.

Alidya has a class III medical device registration at the Italian National Institute of Health (CE0373).

Side effects are normally less than minimal and usually present themselves in the form of a mild skin redness, which should subside after a couple of hours.

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