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Lipo Lab PPC injections are a fast and very effective solution to dealing with fat. PPC or is sometimes called the “the 2nd botox”. Clinical trials have shown no cases of side effects in over ten thousand patients, during trials in the UK. It is a preferred treatment by many celebrities and people that are a lot in the public eye. The product is licensed and allowed for usage in over 60 countries.

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Lipo Lab PPC Features:

  • Painless procedure – anesthetics are not required
  • PPC treatment is more effective and less complicated than liposuction
  • While older methods, like mesotherapy, that generally only decrease fat cells in size, Lipo Lab injections dissolve them and fat cells are exhausted out of the body naturally
  • Must more affordable than liposuction
  • Thoroughly deals with cellulite and improves skin elasticity
  • Quick treatment that doesn’t interfere with the patient’s schedule
  • Can target specific areas of the body
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