Excellent quality cannulas are widely used during different cosmetic and aesthetic medicine procedures, especially when it comes to dermal filler injections and mesotherapy treatments. These exceptional pieces of medical equipment can make any professional skin rejuvenation therapy pain-free for patients and to significantly reduce downtime after the injection procedure. Medisilk distributes specially designed cannulas from top manufacturers like JBP, Marllor, and NeoGenesis.

No matter what type of durable cannulas you are seeking to buy, rest assured that you will find exactly what you are looking for on Medisilk’s versatile online store. You can pick from a long list of fantastic options based on thinness, size, tip shapes, materials, side port position, etc. Some of the world-renowned brands which are properly represented on our website are Lipoinject, JBP (Japan Bio Products) and Neo. The common thing that unites all of these products from this category is their impressive sturdiness, their groundbreaking design and their ability to enable medical practitioners to enjoy greater control during the injection procedure and to distribute the injectable gel in a more accurate and equal manner.

The use of top-tier microcannulas is particularly widespread in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology. It has been scientifically proven that they can increase the effectiveness of minimally invasive skin rejuvenating procedures such as wrinkle removal through soft-tissue fillers or skin rehydration via mesotherapy injections. That is because, unlike disposable needles, these advanced pieces of medical equipment require a more limited number of entry points. As a result, any procedure involving their use is considerably quicker and more painless. Since they reduce discomfort and effectively deliver an injection procedure that is even more minimally invasive than the usual, post-treatment side effects such as bruising, irritations, sensitivity, redness and swelling are greatly reduced.

With these pioneering cannulas, the saying “No pain no gain” goes completely void of meaning. Even though their use leads to a therapy that does not involve any considerable discomfort or pain, the final results always end up being incredibly natural-looking and long-lasting. Thanks to their blunt tip and thin-walled structure, state-of-the-art microcannulas give board-certified plastic surgeons and aesthetic dermatologists more control of the injection. That means better accuracy and better gel distribution. In professional skin filler treatments, this is equal to durable cosmetic rejuvenation and wrinkle removal. In non-surgical lipo-dissolving therapies, this ensures a more precise body contouring.

We offer an unbelievable selection that includes packs of 20, 50 or more superb cannula needles. Some of the options available on our website are specifically designed for a certain type of cosmetic procedure such as beast filler injections, intralipotherapy and more. They come in their original boxes and have all the necessary markings and certifications. Clients can also choose cannulas based on their size (i.e. outer diameter and length). Therefore, regardless of whether you are interested in ordering a regular-sized 21G microcannula or a super-thin 31G, Medisilk will not let you down. Explore our vast catalog of handpicked products to see just how competitive our prices are.

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