Neo Filler Cannulas (50 in package)


High quality set of cannulas for injecting dermal fillers or mesotherapy products without risk for the patient or causing them extra discomfort or pain. Same overall size but with a wider inner diameter of the cannula for a more efficient injection process.

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  • Painless and easy injection of dermal fillers
  • The surface of the cannula is smooth
  • Inner diameter is wider
  • Extensive size selection
  • KFDA certified
  • GMP certified
  • ISO 13485 certified

Additional information

Diameter & Length

21G (Ø0.8) – 50mm, 21G (Ø0.8) – 70mm, 22G (Ø0.7) – 50mm, 23G (Ø0.6) – 30mm, 23G (Ø0.6) – 50mm, 23G (Ø0.6) – 70mm, 24G (Ø0.56) – 50mm, 25G (Ø0.5) – 40mm, 25G (Ø0.5) – 50mm, 25G (Ø0.5) – 70mm, 27G (Ø0.41) – 30mm, 27G (Ø0.41) – 40mm, 27G (Ø0.41) – 50mm, 30G (Ø0.31) – 25mm, 30G (Ø0.31) – 30mm

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