IPL Ultra Plus Vertical Square Pulse IPL System


Offering extensive functionality, the IPL Ultra Plus can help both cosmetic professionals and doctors, with its advanced square pulse technology design. Lasting results for beauty procedures like hair removal and effective rejuvenation of the skin or treatment of skin conditions like acne and pigment lesions.

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    Work Principle

    IPL Ultra Plus allows professionals to take full advantage of Square Pulse tech, and the excellent energy uniformity that characterizes it. With a square wavelength, optimal peak energy levels are reached instantly and then kep throughout the pulse duration, without any fluctuations of the wave. This cosmetic apparatus can work in both single pulse and multi-pulse mode.

    IPL Ultra Plus is an innovative machine for depilation and skin treatment, even when compared to traditional IPL machines. Extra comfort and pain free experience are the characteristics of the procedure using this cosmetic solution, with the added benefit of excellent energy efficiency levels. Considering fluctuations are all but removed, side effect are a much less possible risk.

    Additional information

    Weight 48 kg
    Continuous work time

    12 hour

    Spot size

    15mm x 50mm (HR/SHR) / 10mm x 50mm (MF)

    Repetition rate

    Up to 10Hz


    TEC contact cooling

    Wavelength HR/SHR


    Wavelength MF



    Up to 24J/cm2

    Pulse width

    1-25ms, Max 4 pulses

    Working mode

    Classical mode, Custom mode, SHR


    466mm x 455mm x 1024mm

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