Elite Pro Vertical 308nm Excimer UV-light System


A professional cosmetic system for the treatment of serious skin conditions like Vitiligo, Psoriasis and dermatitis, the Elite Pro Vertical 308nm Excimer UV-light System is the cutting edge of medical technologies. Used to induce T-cel apoptosis, this is one of the more effective ways to improve the synthesis of pigment. The duration if of a single procedure is short, but effects on the skin are notable in just a few weeks, without there being any notable adverse effects or discomfort or pain.

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    As a medical system, the Elite Pro, using a Vertical 308nm Excimer UV-light, has very low maintenance requirements and is a very durable apparatus. Neither is, however, at the expense of convenience and the operators, be it a doctor or cosmetic professional, will have little problem in navigating the interface. Further, consumables requirements are virtually non-existent.

    Work Principle

    The entire work principle of the Elite Pro is based on the advanced 308nm Excimer UV-light. The work principle is forcing an unstable bond between a Xenon (Xe) and Chlorine (Cl) atoms but exposing them to an electrical field. This causes an electron of the Xe to pass to the Chlorine, activating them and causing light to be emitted.

    Additional information

    Weight 50 kg
    Light source

    XeCl excimer light



    Energy density


    Limit power density


    Energy instability


    Light spot energy irregularity


    Light spot

    25.62cm2 (4.2cm x 6.1cm)

    High-energy spotlight

    Spotlight lampshade: 0.8cm2 (Ф10)

    Single irradiation time



    10.4 inch touch screen


    555mm x 370mm x 1240mm

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