FacePro HIFU System for Face Procedures


A result of the advancement of cosmetic technologies – FacePro is a HIFU tech based medical system, which offers superior skin rejuvenation capabilities. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound implementation in skin treatment machines allows a safe and non-invasive treatment of the dermis, via introducing uniform ultrasound deep into the skin at a controlled depth and with regulated temperatures for proper heat buildup.

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    The HIFU method has the advantage of being completely safe for the epidermis. Te goal is to induce thermal coagulation to active and boost collagen production and the natural self-regeneration of the skin. Such treatment of the skin can have a lasting firming and smoothing effect.

    Work Principle

    Using the convenient in interface, the penetration depth of the HIFU energy of the FacePro cosmetic system is set, targeting the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) and subcutaneous layers. The machine allows the operator to choose from three depths for the ultrasound energy to be targeted. Depending on the used cartridge, depth can be changed to 1.5mm, 3.0mm or 4.5mm.

    Collagen contraction, which is the main goal, starts at temperatures in the 60-70°C range, once the thermal coagulation is in effect. The overall benefits to the skin are visible and if the procedure is repeated over time, can be long-lasting. HIFU skin treatment can tighten, straighten and smooth, reducing or completely reducing lines and wrinkles. Just a single procedure is enough to provide immediate and noticeable results. Long term, collagen regeneration will become more prominent in three to six months, after the treatment course is complete.

    Additional information

    Weight 30 kg
    Energy type



    DS4 4mhz, 4.5mm


    5.0-25mm (1.0mm/Step)


    Max 180W


    347mm x 394mm x 1000mm


    AC 110V – 220V 50Hz/60Hz

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