Vitalion III Iontophoresis and Lifting Skin Care System


This advanced skin care machine, for dermatologists and cosmeticians combines three major skin treatment methods in a single solution – exfoliation, ultrasonic skin sedation and iontophoresis for introduction of ionized active ingredients into the skin.

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How it works:

  1. Skin scrubbing: a 28kHz ultrasonic vibration is used to achieve exfoliating effect, which helps with the treatment of pigmented skin and acne
  2. Ultrasound: the Vitalion III uses micro-sonic vibrations for a variety of skin improvements: skin rejuvenation, nutrient absorption, elasticity improvement, fat cell dissolution
  3. Iontophoresis – helps vitamins and water-soluble agents to get absorbed better into the skin; purifying and revitalizing effect
  4. Lifting – simulates the electric wave effect into the dermis, via anion and cation interaction, with the result of a notable skin tightening
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