RF-Lab Body and Face RF, Vacuum and Spectroscopy System


One of the most advanced cosmetic machines on the market, RF-Lab from Histolab combines three of the most effective technologies – bi-polar radiofrequency treatment, vacuum suction and spectroscopy. The RF tech allows for a safe heat build-up inside the subcutaneous layers, helping to dissolve fat cells and have the safely disposed in a natural way from the body.

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There is no risk during RD treatment, no danger of burning and once destroyed, fat cells are naturally disposed off by the body. With the suction function of the vacuum, the penetration of the RD energy and the  heat build-up are significantly eased, while muscle fatigue is relieved.

The RF-Lab also offers an LED skin treatment option, which can help with skin hyper-pigmentation, as well as improvement of elasticity and better blood circulation.


  1. Safe, with no risk of electrical shock
  2. Easy to operate
  3. 3-in-1 solution – bi-polar RF, vacuum suction and spectroscopy
  4. You can adjust suction and RF separately
  5. Can do lipid breakdown and skin elasticity treatment at the same time
  6. Very lasting and notable skin treatment effect


  • Anti-age treatment
  • Skin elasticity improvement and lifting effect
  • Lymphatic and circulation boost
  • Weight control
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