Aqua Lab Water Peeling and Moisturizing System


Aqua Lab is a professional solution from Hisotlab for cosmeticians and beauty professionals, as well as dermatologists, which uses an innovative water based technology for deep skin care. The cosmetic machines can be used for cleaning the pores without causing any irritation. With an easy to use interface, it can be utilized to remove blackheads, sebum and keratin. The treatment process is fast, with effective cleansing and moisturizing of the skin, while no downtime is required.

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    How It Works: 

    The Aqua Lab peeling machines uses a non-irritation method to dissolve even the sebum and extract even the deep impurities from the pores. Keratin can also be safely removed without any risk of skin irritation.  The “smart” head of the machine combines the three separate methods for skin cleansing and peeling in a single solution.


    1. The machine uses a gentle BHA filling solution to effectively treat the excess of keratin, while a strong vacuum will extract the impurities and hair follicles from the pores. At the same time the skin is thoroughly moisturized, resulting in restored elasticity and smoothness
    2. Operation is simple, using the touch screen with an intuitive interface
    3. Deep skin pore cleaning is possible, without any discomfort of irritation for the patient
    4. Zero down-time, very fast skin treatment
    5. Easy to maintain
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