Cryocell II – Cooling and Ionzyme Cosmetic System


Cryocell II is a 2-in-1 beauty machine – it cools and soothes the skin instantly, while heling the effective penetration of active ingredients. A depth of 6 to 8mm can be achieved, in the subcutaneous layers, without risk of damage to the skin and with optimal effect.

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    At -10 degrees Celsius, the skin is instantly cooled and pores are shrunken, while the feeling of pain is dulled. Adjustments can be made in 45 degree range, which allows for a versatile treatment strategy, which can boost metabolite excretion, improve the blood circulation of the skin and make skin cells more vital.

    How to Use:

    1. Use electrophoresis to inject the active ingredients into the patient’s subcutaneous layers.
    2. Cool the treated area with a -10 degree cooling
    3. Nutrients can improve skin regeneration, complexion and help with pigmentation spots
    4. A double sedation and nourishing effect with a single procedure


    Mode 1: Treat the dermis and boost skin regeneration properties

    Mode 2: Reach the sub-skin layers, for skin brightening

    Mode 3: Upper skin layer treatment for sedation

    Mode 4:  Combine the previous three modes in a single treatment


    • Skin soothing, hydrating
    • Nourishing
    • Brightening and complexion improvement
    • Skin sedation and regeneration after acne treatment
    • Improve skin elasticity
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