Neobella (ex. Kabelline) Contouring Serum (5 x 8ml)


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Neobella by NewFace Laboratories is a dependable contouring serum with lasting fat-burning properties similar to those of another best-selling product by the same company – Kabelline. It swiftly destroys fat cells in the body and the face by relying on the biocompatible substance Deoxycholate Acid (DA). With this innovative lipolytic solution, double chin and other middle to severe fat on both the body and the face can be easily treated. Purchase it today from Medisilk’s website.

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    A homeopathic lipolytic product

    DA-based contouring serum Neobella is the newest fat-melting solution by South Korean cosmeceutical company NewFace Laboratories, known for its superb lipolytic injectables such as Kabelline. This top-performing product is proven to be safe and it can be applied on the face and/or the body of patients who want a minimally-invasive removal of double chin and reduction of fat deposits in areas that are difficult to correct with other weight-loss solutions (liposuction, exercise, dieting, etc.).

    • Does not cause swelling
    • Involves a painless treatment
    • Free of aggressive and potentially harmful ingredients
    • Produced in accordance with global standards by a reputable company

    What is DA and why is it important?

    Deoxycholic Acid is the main active ingredient in Neobella (just like it was in the Kabelline injection product). It is a widely-used substance in the field of professional-grade cosmeceuticals because it is risk-free, effective and FDA-approved. DA is a substance that can be naturally found in the human organism. The special thing about it is that it has unbeatable fat-burning properties. It induces a process of lipolysis which dissolves fat deposit and cells in the treatment zones. Thanks to the impressive fat-melting abilities of this substance, patients will be able to enjoy the results of their non-surgical weight-loss treatment almost instantly. This type of health-friendly mesotherapy will require just six treatments (1 per week) at the most.

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