Modern lifting threads offer a new type of minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that meets the needs of patients who do not wish to undergo a facelift surgery but, at the same time, are dealing with signs of skin laxity that cannot be effectively corrected with non-surgical procedures such as HA-based dermal fillers or mesotherapy. We, at Medisilk, offer top-quality sutures that help cosmetic surgeons deliver fast, long-lasting and natural-looking thread lifting treatments.

Thread lifting is an innovative cosmetic rejuvenation treatment that serves as an alternative to both skin fillers and plastic surgery. What it more, they perfectly fill the gap between these two types of procedures. That is because unlike anti-wrinkle fillers, for instance, they are a better solution when it comes to the removal of sagging skin in target areas like the jawline or the neck. In most of the cases, certified plastic surgeons can provide their patients with more durable anti-aging effects by using specialized lifting sutures that can reach up to 18 months. In contrast, most Hyaluronic Acid soft-tissue fillers have effects longevity of 4-6 months.

When compared to facelifting, this revolutionary anti-skin laxity procedure also stands out with an impressive list of benefits it offers. As a start, this form of treatment does not require a long downtime and it can be done with local anesthesia. Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, advanced thread lifting comes with fewer risks and almost no pain for patients. Needless to say, this fantastic cosmetic rejuvenation solution is several times more affordable compared to facelift surgery. We distribute premium quality threads at a competitive price – something that further brings down the cost of a standard thread lifting treatment.

You can rely on Medisilk to purchase various types of lifting sutures. We offer not only mono-directional but also bi-directional thread options. You can also choose between mono, cog and screw threads. The first of them has a smooth texture and are excellent for mild lifting treatments. The cog type comes with barbs and, because of that, deliver better and longer-lasting support for sagging skin. Screw sutures are used to areas with severely sunken skin and laxity problems.

Trusted lifting threads are made from different types of materials. Polydioxanone or PDO sutures are biodegradable and offer lifting effects that remain visible for a minimum of 6 months. PLA or polylactic acid ones, on the other hand, can last for 12 months and polycaprolactone (PDO) threads have a longevity of 12-15 months. The great thing about all of these ingredients is that they not only deliver an effective skin laxity treatment by ensuring stable lifting results but they also have the ability to increase skin’s collagen production. That is why, with them, patients do not need to worry about getting an overdone or unnatural appearance.

Medisilk offers top-rated lifting threads by well-recognized brands and manufacturers among which are Oreon Life Science and NeoGenesis. They all have a 100% biocompatibility and are fully biodegradable. This means that their use guarantees a successful, low-risk thread lifting and an almost instant correction of sagging skin, wrinkle removal, and overall cosmetic rejuvenation.

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