Neo Screw Filament Lifting Thread

We offer you a set of high quality screw type lifting threads from NeoGenesis. Ensuring excellent results and quick healing process, these threads are a shortcut to a patients fight with aging, offering quick results, no pain and fast healing and rejuvenation of the skin.

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Model Gauge Needle Length Thread Length Thread USP
S3025 30G 25.4mm 30mm 7-0
S3038 30G 38mm 50mm 7-0
S2925 29G 25.4mm 30mm 6-0
S2938 29G 38mm 50mm 6-0
S2950 29G 50mm 70mm 6-0
S2738 27G 38mm 50mm 5-0
S2750 27G 50mm 70mm 5-0
S2760 27G 60mm 90mm 5-0
S2660 26G 60mm 90mm 5-0
S2690 26G 90mm 150mm 7-0

Additional information

Model / Gauge

S3025 – 30G, S3038 – 30G, S2925 – 29G, S2938 – 29G, S2950 – 29G, S2738 – 27G, S2750 – 27G, S2760 – 27G, S2660 – 26G, S2690 – 26G

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