Neo Twin (Twisted) Filament Lifting Multi Thread

The Neo Twin Fillament lifting threads are part of NeoGenesis’ multi thread series. Among the main advantages of the product is the strong lifting effect provided by the multiple threads. Effects are notable even without a cell therapy, but if combined with one it maximizes the effect. Can be implemented with multiple types of cell therapy. Effects lifting threads are immediate.

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ModelGaugeNeedle LengthThread LengthThread USP
T273827G38mm50mm(7-0) x 2
T275027G50mm70mm(7-0) x 2
T276027G60mm90mm(7-0) x 2
T263826G38mm50mm(7-0) + (6-0)
T265026G50mm70mm(7-0) + (6-0)
T266026G60mm90mm(7-0) + (6-0)
T269026G90mm150mm(7-0) + (6-0)
T256025G60mm90mm(6-0) x 2
T259025G90mm150mm(6-0) x 2

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Model / Gauge

T2738 – 27G, T2750 – 27G, T2760 – 27G, T2638 – 26G, T2650 – 26G, T2660 – 26G, T2690 – 26G, T2560 – 25G, T2590 – 25G

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