Decoria dermal filler products are developed by Bohus BioTech in Sweden. The company invested over 20 years in research and manufacturing of dermal filler products based on hyaluronic acid. The final outcome is a high quality, safe, durable and easy to use products suitable for all patients who are looking for an aesthetic enhancement of the face.

Decoria essence and Decoria intense are the two products offered by Decoria, consisting of a highly purified form of hyaluronic acid that is biocompatible, which means that HA acid of the products is structurally almost identical as the natural one in our skin. HA gels are used for deep wrinkle correction, lip enhancement for increased fullness to the lips and facial counting. Decoria injectables provide a long-lasting effect and immediate results that last for up to 12 months, depending on the area treated, skin condition and other factors. Decoria products are effective in restoring a rejuvenating, hydrating and fresh facial look.

Decoria is among the trailblazers in the field of professional dermal fillers. As a start, the research used for the development of this brand was done by the world’s first team of medical experts to study and put into good use the rejuvenating properties of Hyaluronic Acid. This means that its guaranteed quality relies on decades of experience in this particular field. Another special characteristic of these trusted anti-wrinkle fillers is their revolutionary spherical shape achieved through Bohus BioTech’s innovative SpheriSized Technology. It has been proven to deliver long-lasting and much more natural-looking results when it comes to the removal of fine, moderate and deep lines and wrinkles compared to other popular dermal fillers that traditionally sport an angular rhomboid shape.

The correction of nasolabial folds, frown lines and other types of facial wrinkles is instant with both Decoria Essence and Decoria Intense and results are retained for a minimum of 7 months. That is also the case when these quality skin rejuvenating products are used in minimally invasive treatments that aim at restoring lost volume in the skin or offering painless and quick lip augmentation.

Every part of the innovative anti-aging medical devices by Decoria speaks of their premium quality. The needles that are included in each package of these pioneering HA-based fillers are manufactured by certified and established facilities in Japan. What is more, they are specifically produced for this aesthetic medicine brand. The prefilled single-use syringe containing the top-notch HA gel implant stands out with its smart, ergonomic design which effectively gives medical practitioners and cosmetic surgeons greater control during the injection procedure. That results in higher accuracy and precision which is must when a balanced look is the end goal.

We, from Medisilk, are among the leading online retailers and wholesale distributors to offer Decoria’s patient-friendly skin fillers to our clients at a highly competitive price. This and the fact that these optimized anti-wrinkle products are famous for delivering high patient satisfaction is why you should not miss the opportunity to turn back the hands of time by eliminating wrinkles, improving the contours of the face and restoring lost volume with the durable properties of one of the world’s best Hyaluronic Acid filler range.

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