Jalupro is a revolutionary cosmetic rejuvenation brand by Professional Derma which has managed to prove that amino acids make professional-grade mesotherapy treatments much more effective. The groundbreaking biorevitalizers from this world-known range easily battle signs of natural and photoaging by hydrating the skin and boosting ECM production to quickly smooth wrinkles and give treated areas a rejuvenated and refreshed look. Count on Medisilk to purchase these pioneering anti-aging products at a competitive price.

The formula of Jalupro’s top-rated mesotherapy injections is incredibly natural since it mainly revolves around the fantastic skin rejuvenating properties of amino acids such as Glicine, L-Proline, and L-Lysine. They increase the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin by boosting the functions of a very special type of cells known as fibroblasts. When these cells do their job properly, the skin is smooth and has a youthful appearance. Unfortunately, their activity eventually becomes compromised and slowed-down by factors such as solar overexpose, unhealthy lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking, etc.), genetics or the natural aging process. Fortunately, these dependable dermal biorevitalizers are here to help patients fight back each of these factors.

But why choose Jalupro over other top-rates mesotherapy products? Because the impressive solutions by this brand can deliver a surprisingly comprehensive anti-wrinkle treatment. This is due to the fact that every gel from this range, including fast-selling Jalupro HMW, can be injected into many different parts of the body among which are the abdomen, back of the hands, knees, décolleté, face, neck, underarms and more. That is a striking difference compared to most other professional mesotherapy injections which are being sold today. To make things even better, only one injection session is more than enough to offer excellent results that remain noticeable for at least half a year. That is amazing news for patients looking for a minimally invasive way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles without having to spend a fortune in the process. Why? Because longer-lasting effects also mean fewer maintenance appointments per year – something which will considerably cut down the overall cost of the treatment in the long term.

Another tell-tale sign of the premium quality offered by Jalupro’s inexpensive skin biorevitalizers is the fact that they are a product of Professional Derma – one of the most highly reputable biotechnological giants in Switzerland. The respected company has countless achievements in medical fields like orthopedics and ophthalmology and they are an established name when it comes to non-surgical aesthetic medicine solutions, particularly those focusing on rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin. It launched its Jalupro line almost 15 years ago. But while the company is the brains behind these robust anti-aging injectables, it prefers to rely on the experience and precision of Italian-based laboratories for their production. In that way, the end products are always characterized by their unmatched quality and safety. That has helped Professional Derma craft an impressive mesotherapy brand that has now reached patients and board-certified plastic surgeons in many other countries. With Medisilk’s help, the incredible properties of Jalupro’s versatile dermal biorevitalizers can now make their way to your door.

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