Monalisa is a recognized brand and a hyaluronic acid-based beauty treatment solution developed by GENOSS Company, dedicated to restoring a natural and rejuvenated look to the skin that has lost natural collagen due to a natural ageing process. Monalisa is pure and cross-linked hyaluronic acid soft tissue dermal filler that aims to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, fine lines, scars and other issues caused by volume loss.

Monalisa is a high quality product that is now incorporated in the clinic. It is cost-effective and yet highly-efficient product that offers excellent results when treating skin imperfections. The results provided by its cross-linked HA feature are long-lasting. The product is also safe to use thanks to its purity feature and no residual BDDE. It comes in three different types for treating different skin areas: Soft, Mild and Hard type. The raw material of Monalisa, the hyaluronic acid, is manufactured in Genoss facilities where the production of API grade materials is strictly controlled. A final product of superior value is available to both skin care experts and general public.

Genoss released its Monalisa top-notch skin fillers in the mid-2010s and today they are widely viewed as one of the few affordable cosmetic rejuvenation products that are produced with both medical practitioners and patients in mind. Skilled plastic surgeons like to work with these HA-based filler injections because they are sold in a prefilled single-use syringe with a rather groundbreaking design. The ergonomic shape of their plunger and the wings of their backdrop allows aesthetic dermatologists and medical clinicians to comfortably carry out the injection procedure. The risk of mistakes and inaccuracies during that phase of the treatment are greatly minimized by the anti-slip rod.

Patients, on the other hand, report a high satisfaction rate because they enjoy a zero-downtime anti-aging treatment which keeps wrinkles and folds of a varying depth at bay for at least half a year. The outstanding half-life of this product is due to Genoss’ pioneering Hy-BRID Technology which makes the biodegradable implant gel denser. Another thing which patients appreciate about Monalisa’s revolutionary Hyaluronic Acid fillers is the low risk of adverse effects. As a matter of fact, the product itself does not cause unwanted reactions unless it is used on people who are hypersensitive or allergic to the ingredients found in their formula or patients who are taking anticoagulating medications. The only adverse effects that may be observed immediately or shortly after the treatment are short-lived and non-harmful. What is more, they are usually caused by the injection and may include redness, tenderness, sensitivity, itching, bruising or swelling.

The versatile dermal filler range by Monalisa can be applied on a number of areas of the face among which are the lips, cheeks, around the mouth, around the eyes, the forehead and more. They are particularly effective at correcting crow’s feet, smile lines, and forehead wrinkles.

The entire line-up by this brand is manufactured in accordance with the Global Standard Quality Control and comply with ISO13485, ISO9001, and many other global quality regulations. By ordering Monalisa’s professional-grade anti-wrinkle and facial contouring fillers via Medisilk, you are guaranteed to receive 100% authentic products every single time at the best wholesale prices possible.

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