Zishel Rose is a luxury cosmetic brand that focuses on providing patients with premium dermal fillers that can tackle with great east facial lines and wrinkles of varying depth. Its innovative Hyaluronic Acid filler injections can also be used for painless lip augmentation and swift enhancement and reshaping of cheeks, chin, etc. With Medisilk, you can now enjoy the world-class quality offed by this up-and-coming brand at a scandalously cheap price.

The company entitled with the responsibility to manufacture all Zishel Rose-branded products is Cha Healthcare Systems – a well-known name in the field of aesthetic and pharmaceutical solutions. Thanks to the company’s high-quality standards, pioneering production techniques, and thorough safety testing, every one of these cutting-edge skin fillers have been officially certified as a Class II medical device. This means that they have been proven to be highly effective and safe after rigorous reviewing. Cha Healthcare Systems in-depth work and new findings in the field of minimally invasive anti-aging solutions and stem cell therapies, it has managed to create unique HA soft-tissue fillers that have improved enzyme stability. This benefits patients because it considerably reduces swelling and irritation during the post-treatment period allowing them to quickly return to their day-to-day activities and routine without any problem.

Zishel Rose’s impressive cosmetic rejuvenation range is made up of three separate HA-based dermal fillers. While they can all be applied in the various areas of the face to correct facial depressions and restore lost volume, they were developed to be injected in different layers of the skin. Because of that, the brand has a product that specifically targets superficial lines and the other one that was designed to smooth middle wrinkles. There is also an effective filler injection that can be applied in the deep layers of the dermis to deliver a temporary reduction of severe wrinkles and folds.

Even though the brand was launched just a few years ago, its products are already available for purchase in over 30 countries around the globe. The incredible treatment results and guaranteed patient satisfaction which they offer has made it a top favorite among many vetted aesthetic dermatologists and certified cosmetic surgeons. With effects longevity of about 16 weeks, Zishel Rose has also become a synonym for durability.

A typical treatment with any of the brand’s top-notch anti-wrinkle products takes approximately 20 minutes and it does not require the use of anesthesia and scalpels. Patients do not even need to undergo skin tests prior to treatment because of the low-risk nature of the procedure and the exceptional purity of the injectable gel.

Zishel Rose’s optimized anti-aging solutions can easily be ordered via Medisilk. You will recognize these products by their colorful and aesthetically-appealing boxes. Inside each of them is a prefilled disposable syringe of the highest quality and sturdy needles that were crafted by trusted medical equipment manufacturers in Belgium. That allows qualified medical practitioners to get straight to work and help their patients enjoy a skin that is rejuvenated, refreshed and smoothened. There is no room for nasolabial folds, marionette lines or any other types of wrinkles when this brand is around.

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