Everything You Need to Know about a Nonsurgical Face-Lift

Nonsurgical treatments are procedures that don’t require large incisions or hospitalization and that are carried out with no or little downtime. A nonsurgical face-lift is most common procedure that aims to address the effects of aging. As we age, we lose volume in our skin and especially in our face. That’s why fillers are one of the most popular treatments. We use fillers to treat wrinkles, fine lines or deep scars and give them plumpness, energy and volume.

There are two types of fillers, hyaluronic acid and fat. The first type is nonsurgical and the second requires surgery because the fat from other part of your body is taken and injected into your face. That’s why these fillers can be permanent while the gel fillers are temporary. Additionally, nonsurgical treatments or face-lift include Botox, which is often used to fill in the lines on the forehead. Technically, it is more of a brow lift than the face-lift.

Needle free procedures

Individuals who don’t like needles but still want their skin to look younger, they choose different options including laser treatments that tighten the pores and refreshes the skin. Some patients might experience redness but it disappears in few hours after the treatment. Another treatment for rejuvenating your skin that doesn’t involve needles is chemical peel. This treatment can tighten your face and reduce pores, lines and wrinkles. Additionally, there are treatments that utilize radiofrequency energy or ultrasound energy that focuses on deep skin layers and revives them in order for them to be able to provide the support for the outer layer. Such treatments can be done in two ways. The first way is more expensive one but provides noticeable results and is more discomfort. The second one involves multiple sessions and the more sessions you take, the better results will be. This option is more cost-effective and less discomfort as well.

How long results of a nonsurgical face-lift last?

How long face-lift results will last depends on the type of treatment you undergo. Typically, if you opt for nonsurgical procedures, you will likely have to repeat them in order to maintain results. When it comes to fillers, the result depends on the location injected. Areas that are exposed to a lot of movement are less prone to keep the original results. Additionally, another factor that dictates the longevity of such treatments is the type of fillers used during the procedure. There are different formulas with different wear off effects. Your skin doctor will advise you on how often you should repeat treatments but the patient can tell when times comes for another treatment.

However, experts say that the more often you undergo nonsurgical treatments and fillers, the less you will need over time because once the muscles are treated and lines disappear, you will need less formula to maintain the desired look. This is because of the fact that once you inject a high quality dermal filler for first few times, later on you will just need to do the touchups because the wrinkle will not get as deep as it was initially. For example, if you start treatments at the age of 30, with proper maintenance patients can look the same in their 50s.

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