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Glowing Fill New is a newly-released, premium quality dermal filler that offers fast and natural-looking correction of superficial lines and wrinkles. It has a highly innovative formula and it contains pure Hyaluronic Acid which has excellent lifting and filling properties. Medisilk is one of the few licensed online retailers and wholesale distributors to have received early access to this patient-friendly skin rejuvenation product.

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    Main indications of the product

    Glowing Fill New was developed by aesthetic medicine brand Glowing Tree and it was manufactured by CG Bio Inc., an established company specializing in the production of a wide range of professional-grade aesthetic medicine solutions. This revolutionary product has sterilized, non-animal HA and it has the power to instantly reduce the appearance of shallow facial lines and wrinkles among which are:

    • Worry lines
    • Crow’s feet
    • Perioral wrinkles
    • Glabellar lines

    This advanced skin filler is applied via injection into the superficial layer of the dermis. Although this is a minimally invasive and rather simple procedure that needs to be carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon or an experienced aesthetic dermatologist, it does not hide any health risks and it typically takes 20-30 minutes to be performed. Patients will be able to notice the product’s visible cosmetic rejuvenation effects immediately after the therapy. Maintenance injections are then scheduled within every few months so that treatment’ results can be preserved.

    Advantages offered by Glowing Fill New

    Thanks to its excellent rheological properties (high viscosity, elasticity, etc.) and its pioneering multi-layered phasic structure, Glowing Fill New has a slower degradation rate compared to other similar products. As a result, it delivers longer-lasting results when it comes to the removal of superficial facial lines and wrinkles.

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