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Teosyal Ultimate PureSense is the most durable filler in Teosyal range. It is a unique, injectable volumizer, designed to recover the volume of cheeks, jaw line, temples and to sculpt the facial contours.  It is indicated to be injected in the subcutaneous or pre-periosteum tissue.

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    The product should be used only by an authorized medical specialist after a careful inspection of the individual facial architecture and the condition of the skin. The presence of Lidocaine in the composition of the product is a precondition for more comfortable and painless treatment.

    Teosyal Ultimate PureSense is manufactured by the Swiss company Teoxane, which is among the leading aesthetic companies on the market, narrowly focused on dermal fillers. Teosyal Ultimate PureSense contains purified hyaluronic acid and thus reducing the harmful impact of the free radical formation underneath the skin. The product is biocompatible and absorbable and over a certain period of time, the hyaluronic acid is completely broken down within the skin, leaving no trace of the filler.

    Teosyal Ultimate PureSense is the most intense and longest lasting product of the cosmetic line. The injectable dermal filler achieves amazing results if used in the upper cheeks, the temporal area, marionette lines, the chin, the nose, the mandibular line and the eyebrows. It remodels the face by adding volume where needed and the result is an incredible new vision, rejuvenated and looking naturally with every facial expression.

    Teosyal Ultimate PureSense is indicated for:

    • Sculpting the facial contours;
    • Correcting deep skin depressions;
    • Treating wrinkles and volume loss in the temporal area, marionette lines, chin, the mandibular line, the eyebrows and the nose;
    • Adding volume in the upper cheeks;
    • Full face rejuvenation;

    Duration of effect:

    Teosyal Ultimate PureSense gives immediate results, which on most cases last for up to 18 months. After that, subsequent top-up treatments are recommended to maintain the desired effect.

    Contents of the package:

    1×3.0ml prefilled syringe


    Hyaluronic acid – 22mg/ml + 0,3% Lidocaine

    Teosyal Ultimate PureSense is contraindicated in case of:

    • Infection of the skin;
    • Pregnancy or lactation;
    • Hypersensitivity to one of the components;
    • Autoimmune disorders;
    • Antibiotic therapy;

    Possible side effects:

    It is possible to feel some discomfort in the treated area. Redness, swelling and tenderness are common side effects but they solve within two or three days.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.07 kg

    Syringes – 1 x 3,0 ml

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