Teosyal, developed and manufactured by Teoxane Laboratories in Switzerland, is a line of aesthetic products based on monophasic hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin intended for treating signs of ageing. It is designed to meet the specific requirements of mobile facial areas including forehead, cheeks, perioral area, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, etc. The main aim of Teosyal fillers is to preserve the vitality, volume and softness of your face over a longer period of time.

Immediate and long-lasting results are guaranteed by Teosyal, thanks to its biocompatibility feature and high hydrating capacity. Its hyaluronic acid gel is of high purity, which makes it almost identical to molecules of HA contained in our skin. All these features contribute to high quality, longevity and durability of Teosyal. Teosyal injectables are applied in a very comfortable way since the force needed to inject the filler is reduced up to 50% in comparison to current needles.

The Teosyal product range is incredibly comprehensive it consists of several specific lines of advanced HA-based injectables. Among them is “The Dynamics” which is made up of premium-quality dermal fillers that target the most mobile areas of the face such as the cheeks, the area around the mouth and the lips, as well as the forehead. Vetted plastic surgeons know that namely these zones can be really hard to treat and to correct with Hyaluronic Acid fillers which are usually characterized by a soft texture and high gel migration percentage. But the revolutionary skin rejuvenating products that are part of the brand’s Dynamics’ line-up have a low migration rate and yet they have a structure that is soft and gentle enough to reduce the appearance of worry lines and nasolabial folds or to quickly enhance the appearance of the cheeks in the utmost natural and balanced manner possible.

The experts behind Teosyal’s first-class HA fillers have also developed a separate sub-range known as “Specifics” which feature products designed to address a very specific aesthetic problem. Part of that line-up is Teosyal Redensity 2, for example, and it is one of the very few professional-grade soft-tissue fillers that focus on providing patients with minimally-invasive eye contouring. Also, part of the brand’s Specifics is Teosyal PureSense Kiss which, as its name suggests, has one main task – to offer effective and long-lasting lip augmentation.

One thing for which this trustworthy cosmetic brand is widely notorious for is its innovative approach. Its durable skin fillers were among the first to feature local anesthetic Lidocaine. This move that helped patients enjoy greater comfort during injection – an excellent advantage that is further boosted by the fact that each box containing the company’s top-notch dermal fillers contains Ultra-Thin Wall needles. Given these forward-thinking tendencies, it should not be surprising, that Teosyal offers both anti-aging and prevention solutions. Unlike most of its other products, Redensity 1 filler injection is not designed to treat mature or aging skin. Instead, it can be used on younger patients (20s and 30s) who are yet to deal with the different signs of aging. It can be applied on the face, neck, and neckline to provide moisturize the skin and keep lines and wrinkles away for as long as possible.

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