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Princess Rich is anti – aging, transparent hyaluronic gel used for mesotherapy. The injectable gel contains glycerol for better skin hydration and has long – lasting rejuvenation results.

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    Princess Rich is a product of the Austrian company Croma-Pharma GmbH. It is an injectable gel with high concentration of hyaluronic acid (HA) that is administered into the superficial dermis of the patient’s skin. Thanks to its special formula of combined HA and glycerol, Princess Rich gives the skin an instant glow and great hydration.


    • 1 syringe x 1ml gel with 1.8% Hyaluronic acid

    Treatment information:

    Princess Rich is injected into the superficial dermis of the skin. For best and long – lasting results, opt for one treatment every 3 weeks. The injection is generally painless and does not cause any discomfort to the patient. This product should be injected only by a trained medical professional.

    Do NOT use Princess Rich if:

    • You are a pregnant or lactating woman
    • You are under 18 years of age
    • You have an auto – immune disease or currently undergo an immune therapy
    • You are allergic or hypersensitive to hyaluronic acid
    • You develop hypertrophic scars
    • The area you wish to treat is infected, injured or inflamed

    Side effects:

    There are no reported side effects from Princess Rich so far. Thanks to the dedication and experience of the company producer – Croma-Pharma GmbH, patients can enjoy using safe anti – ageing products.

    Additional information

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    Syringes – 1 x 1 ml

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