Princess is a high quality line of products based on HA developed by an Austrian company Croma-Pharma GmbH for treating different face areas and achieving natural-looking and rejuvenating results. Almost everyone is suitable for hyaluronic acid fillers because it is a natural component of the body necessary for maintaining elasticity, tightness and moisture of the skin. Princess injectable fillers restore the lost facial volume, reduce deep wrinkles, scars, folds, and other imperfection on the face.

Due to a natural aging process and exposure of our skin to sun, free radicals and other environmental factors, the levels of HA in our skin decreases. Therefore, HA fillers restore a lack of natural collagen and elasticity in our skin, making it plumper, revitalized and natural-looking. Princess injectables are non-surgical treatments that ensure immediate results. Depending on the skin condition, individual preferences and other factor, patients choose the most suitable Princess product to meet their needs. The treatments are pain-free, quick with no downtime.

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