Optimized Hyaluronic Acid has a few different rejuvenating superpowers and Laboratories Vivacy is well aware of that fact. This innovation-focused manufacturer has not only rolled out its very own line of quality HA-based dermal fillers that tackles aesthetic concerns such as wrinkles, sagging and dry skin (Stylage). It has also developed a new breed of professional filler injections focusing on improving women’s intimate health (Desirial). Both brands are currently available on Medisilk’s online store.

Vivacy is among the largest biotechnological companies headquartered in France. Founded in the late-2000s, this ambitious biotech giant has been quite successful on several aesthetic and therapeutic medical fields. Its remarkable portfolio includes not only top-performing skin rejuvenating solutions but also many first-class ophthalmic and osteoarthritis products. Most of its exquisite masterpieces are produced in its plant in Archamps, France. However, over the years, the company had to expand its production capacity by more than a 10-fold to meet the high market demand. Today, its reliable products can be easily found in over 80 countries and with the help of vetted and licensed wholesale distributors and online retailers of the rank of Medisilk, this number is constantly increasing.

Laboratories Vivacy’s most notorious line-up is its durable Hyaluronic Acid fillers Stylage. They were developed through a unique IPN-Like Technology which has allowed them to be longer-lasting and much more risk-free compared to the majority (if not all) of its market rivals. Because of the one-of-a-kind and highly advanced production method used in the making of these well-recommended anti-wrinkle filler injections, they are also characterized by their hard-to-match viscosity. That makes them easy to mold, inject and control for cosmetic surgeons and it also guarantees a more pain-less treatment experience for patients. In fact, the presence of lidocaine in the formula of all Stylage-branded injectables further ensures that their application will be 100% free of pain and discomfort. This particular range by the company can tackle a rather long list of aesthetic problems related to the natural aging process – from immediately correcting facial lines and wrinkles and adding volume under the skin to effectively improving the texture, hydration levels and overall appearance of the skin. Part of that line-up are also top-tier soft-tissue fillers that contain important antioxidants. In fact, Vivacy is the first company on the globe to produce and introduce professional-grade Hyaluronic Acid skin rejuvenating products that also feature antioxidants.

Antioxidants are one of the common denominators of Vivacy’s Stylage an Desirial brands. The products from the latter often feature Sorbitol and Mannitol and because of that, they degrade and dissolve into the soft tissue at a slower and more gradual manner, enabling patients to enjoy the treatment’s result for an extended period of time. What exactly are those results? Well, that would depend on which of the two Desirial women’s intimate health fillers you choose to use. One is developed to provide a non-surgical augmentation of labia majora and the other – to offer a rapid vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation and rehydration.

Laboratories Vivacy has managed to become a leader on the market of minimally invasive cosmetic rejuvenation and intimate aesthetics. No matter which of its products you are interested in buying, remember that Medisilk distributes them at a reasonable and fair price.

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