If you are looking for premium dermal fillers, know that Zishel Group specializes in the development namely of that. This dependable healthcare company has an entire range fast-selling filler injections – Zishel Rose. With them, patients can enjoy risk-free correction of wrinkles, painless midface volume restoration, lip enhancement, chin augmentation… Simply said – a full skin rejuvenating package. Just place your order on Medisilk’s website and these anti-aging solutions will be delivered to your doorstep.

Zishel Group’s production subsidiaries officially opened doors over a decade ago and now its outstanding cosmetic products are sold in well over 50 countries around the globe. They are being successfully distributed by more than 45 trusted and well-known distributors among which is, of course, Medisilk. Even though the company’s headquarters are set in Gangnam, South Korea, it has offices and manufacturing plants in countries such as China, Canada, France, Japan, the UAE, the US and even in Iran.

As a reputable and experienced healthcare company that has vast manufacturing, distribution, research, and development networks all over the world, Zishel Group has a diverse catalog of first-class products. They range from popular perfumery and cosmetic solutions to ground-breaking suspension implants. But it is the company’s cutting-edge Hyaluronic Acid skin fillers that managed to grab the attention of us, from Medisilk, and that of our ever-growing client base. They are all released under the healthcare giant’s Zishel Rose brand and are described as high-end HA filler injections. But do not let the word “high-end” push you away because these highly effective cosmetic rejuvenation solutions are not expensive, especially when they are ordered via our online store. So why are they called “high-end” then? Because it is not their price but their quality that is super high. That is because Zishel uses the latest production technologies and equipment to craft them.

We, at Medisilk, distribute several of Zishel Group’s budget-friendly Hyaluronic Acid filler injections. Among them is Zishel Rose Touch which is designed to immediately smoothen shallow facial lines (particularly smile and marionette lines). Due to its mild nature, it can also be used during time-efficient lip enhancement procedures. Speaking of mild, the company’s Rose Mild anti-aging filler also makes an excellent lip injection but when it comes to skin depressions and wrinkles, it removes those in the middle layer of the dermis. With Rose Forte, natural-looking mid-face augmentation is finally possible. It can be used for minimally invasive facial contouring and it is particularly effective for the enhancement of cheeks.

These superb anti-aging products are developed in 100% compliance not only with South Korean but also with global health, quality, safety, and environmental standards and rules. Plus, each of these health-friendly soft-tissue fillers comes with a set of Belgian-made needles which are super thin, extremely sturdy and perfectly sterilized. This and the fact that the formula of these premium-quality solutions contains lidocaine means that patients will not have to put up with pain and discomfort. Even the adverse effects which are commonly observed after treatment with this type of product will be nowhere to be found. The reason for this is that, not a long ago, the company updated and optimized the formula of its top-performing skin fillers and now they rarely if ever lead to swelling or other side effects.

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