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Stylage Le Mist by Vivacy is a face spray with moisturizing and regenerating properties, made up of 100% Treignac Natural Mineral Water.

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Stylage Le Mist is a refreshing skin care water made up of 100% Treignac natural mineral water. The water comes from an authentic spring source in the heart of France and is known for its calcium- and carbonate-free very low mineral content (20 mg of dry residues). 

Thanks to these rare properties, Treignac water is considered to be the “perfect water”. Its crystalline qualities and incomparable purity have a favorable impact on irritated and reactive skin. The mineral water of Treignac has moisturizing, refreshing and soothing effect as well as healing and restorative properties thanks to the high proportion of silica (33%). Silica is an anti-oxidant active ingredient,  which takes part in the synthesis of collagen.  

Thanks to its active components (Complex VIVASÔME® + Anionic polysaccharides including Hyaluronic Acid + Stabilized Vitamin C + Omega 9 Ceramide®) Stylage Le Mist by Vivacy feels like a morning dew to your face, supplying it with essential care and softness, and eliminating skin imperfections for a radiant complexion of health. 

The cosmetic kit contains: 

  • 1x150ml Stylage Le Mist spray

How to use: 

May be used several times per day. Simply spray on the skin. Appropriate for the recovery period after aesthetic surgery. Brings an instant relief after sunburn, depilation, make-up removal, skin redness or irritation. Revitalizes, moisturizes and softens the skin exposed to negative influences due to air-conditioning, ventilation or overheated rooms.  


Do not expose to heat or fire even if the flacon is empty. Keep out of reach of children. Do not smoke in close proximity. Do not expose to sunlight or to temperatures above 50°/122°F. 

 Benefits of STYLAGE Le Mist by Vivacy: 

  • Improves the lifting properties of the skin; 
  • Boosts the skin regeneration process; 
  • Thanks to its formula with hyaluronic acid, it has a rich moisturizing effect; 
  • Increases the collagen production in skin cells. 


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